3rd Annual

Chelsea Research Festival

Thursday, May 9 2024


Chelsea High School

Chelsea residents are knowledgeable, resilient, and resourceful. We take an active role in our community and in our health, and often work with researchers who study how to improve quality of life amidst challenges related to access to services, environmental injustice, and COVID-19 spread. However, the Chelsea residents who spend time and energy participating in research often don't get to hear about the results of these studies.

The Chelsea Research Festival highlights Chelsea residents' contributions to science and bridges the gap between community and research. Chelsea Research Festival is a research poster session that showcases research that is either ABOUT Chelsea, or conducted BY Chelsea community members---or both!

The event will be on May 9, 2025, from 12:30-3:30 in the Chelsea High gym at 299 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA. It will mainly consist of a poster session of research about Chelsea or by Chelsea community members.

2024 Sponsors

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Chelsea Research Festival 2024 planning committee

This year's planning committee includes a wide range of Chelsea residents and community members. The following organizations are represented on the planning committee: Bunker Hill Community College, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chelsea Public Schools, the City of Chelsea, GreenRoots, HarborCOV, La Colaborativa, Massachusetts General Hospital, Northeastern University’s iSUPER Impact Engine, and the UMass Boston Gastón Institute.

Goals of the Chelsea Research Festival